Invention Name: AD TUBES: New patented advertising concept


Rolled products, such as toilet tissue, paper towels, plastic wraps and aluminum foil are found nearly universally in homes, offices and public places.

Inside every rolled product is a blank paper tube on which the product is rolled. These paper tubes have been treated simply as throwaway waste. My new invention is to wrap advertising displays, coupons and promotions on these tubes, thereby transforming them into a useful article and powerful money maker. Each year billions of these paper tubes pass through houses, workplaces and public places, coming into contact with users before being discarded. These tubes, called Ad Tubes, have the potential to be a larger advertising medium than any other in existence. My idea has been awarded a U.S. patent. I am looking for a buyer, an investor to share the patent right and start our own advertising business or someone who can connect me with a party who can help bring this product to market. Patent # 6,631,574

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