Invention Name: pizzavino


Two new wines from California, are blended specifically to accompany pizza. Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties were chosen since they are widely considered the greatest wines to pair with food. Pizza Vino wines were blended to be fruit forward and not masked by a strong oak presence, making them a perfect complement to the tomato-based sauces, cheeses and meats found in pizza. In addition, the launch of Pizza Vino with Pinot Noir as its lead varietal is very timely because the California Pinot Noir category is hotter than a pizza right out of the oven.

Statistics show over 3 billion pizzas are sold annually and over 93% of Americans have pizza at least once a month. Historically consumers tended to choose beer over wine when dining on pizza, but more than ever the American consumer is choosing wine as their alcoholic beverage of choice. The way wine complements most food, including pizza, makes for a better everyday dining experience, and Pizza Vino wines from California intend to just that. The brand’s objective is to break down the stereotype that wine is reserved only for special occasions-Pizza Vino can be enjoyed anytime and especially with a casual pizza dinner. “Now that is my kind of wine and cheese party” jokes owner Joe Zaucha.

Pizza Vino’s distinctive label features a pepperoni pizza with a red and white checkerboard, reminiscent of a tablecloth in a local pizzeria. The Pinot Noir has a surprisingly deep ruby red color, lush flavors of red raspberry and a velvety finish. The Cabernet Sauvignon features ripe black cherry flavors and finishes with soft sweet tannins and just a kiss of oak. Both wines have a recommended retail of $8.99. Pizza Vino is owned and marketed by Ohio-based JZ Wine Company. For more information, contact JZ Wine Company at (330)-945-6668 or email him at

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